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Battlestar Galactica Femslash

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Battlestar Galactica Femslash
This is a community for Battlestar Galactica fans to talk about and post fanfiction centering around the female characters - specifically the interrelations between them! You can share your fanfiction, talk about episodes, post pictures/icons/wallpapers. So long as they are somehow related to the female pairings/characters.

Members Anyone is free to join, we advise you are of a mature age to join (sorry, but anyone vastly under the age of consent may find some of the material posted offensive). Those who find a female/female relationship offensive please do not join.

Spoilers Be considerate! Some people are still catching up with the series, try to keep major spoilers behind lj-cut tags. When series 3 starts to air, please post all comments about the episodes behind lj-cut tags.

Fiction Please post what Pairing and Rating your fic is. Some members may not like to read certain pairings or ratings. Provde appropriate warnings for angst etc. More details can be found in this post. Please cut anything longer than 100 word drabbles, but leave your "headers" outside of the cut so people can decide if they want to read it.

Real Person Fic RPF is acceptable here. It is up to the members to post RPF and links to RPF appropriately. Please make sure any posted fic is behind a cut tag and warnings posted that the fic contains RPF, so those who do not wish to read it don't :) - only f/f RPF is suitable obviously.

Graphics More than 4 icons or a wallpaper/banner in your post? LJ-cut tag it and you won't kill the members on dial up! :)

Adult content MUST be posted behind an lj-cut tag with CLEAR adult content warnings (and POSTED FRIENDS ONLY in the case of IMAGES). This is to keep in line with a new policy on the livejournal FAQ (Which is the main reason the age of consent advice is posted!)

LJ-cut tags These are your friend. To learn how to do LJ cut tag's and other lj specific tags please see this FAQ.

Tags/Archiving To make it easier to find specific fanfic or visual work, we have sorted all posts by pairing and other tags. We are not "archiving" any of the fic outside the community, and only the originator of the material should post it to the community. Links/Recs are acceptable, but you should not post other people's fiction to the group.

Posting Please note you must be a member to post entries to the community. To join click the "join this community" link above- if you just add it to your friends list you can't post. Non members can comment on members posts however non members will not be able to see any posts a member decides to post "friends only," only members will.

Credits Layout from thefulcrum.

Affiliates getyourtoaster [BSG femslash minificathons] + bsg_slashathon [boyslash ficathon] + bsgfanfiktion [German language]
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